I started working in digital communications during the first dot-com days when Netscape and ICQ were the best techs in town. After a stint managing new media projects for EMI Records during its Britpop heyday, I set up a new media consultancy, working with major and independent labels and artists. 

During this period, I  was headhunted by Sanctuary Group PLC, one of the world’s largest independent record companies.  Life as managing director of Sanctuary's new media division was never dull. We launched one of the UK’s first destination sites for rock fans and were 1.0 in securing an innovative tour sponsorship deal with an emerging music tech company for behemoths Iron Maiden.

As the dot-com boom turned to bust, I stepped out to travel the world. On my return to the UK, I headed into a rather different sector - the labyrinthian NHS. Here I set up and led a communication service for a 1500-strong inner-London NHS organisation, driving an innovative and fit-for-purpose communications and service marketing strategy.  

A move to the Wiltshire countryside in 2011 inspired a return to the music sector, delivering strategies to drive interest, fan engagement, and sales for record label/artist management Strata. With the launch of sister company Strata Books in 2013, I became publisher and editor of its fiction and memoir titles. 

On my journey, I've collected a first-class honours degree in literature, diplomas in marketing communications and creative writing, and I've trained with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. I also volunteer as an ESOL teacher, helping students unravel the idiosyncrasies of the English language.

In 2017, I continue to work with clients in the music, publishing and health sectors, enjoying a creative confluence of my favourite things - language and technology!

Take a peek at the editorialmarketing or portfolio pages to find out more about my services. If you’re looking for flexible freelance support, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm based in Wiltshire but work with clients everywhere!